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Introduction by Dave Hickey
Edited by Gary Kornblau and David A. Greene

112 pages, paperback, 30 black-and-white illustrations
ISBN 0-9637264-1-2

$15.00 Postpaid

"When Mr. Vallance sets out on those quests that take him across the globe, he crosses no evolutionary fault lines between advanced and primitive cultures. When he delves into history, he traverses no barrier between the enlightened present and the superstitious past. These distinctions do not exist in the world of Jeffrey Vallance; for him, it is the Valley all the way around . . . following leads, as a good detective should, observing closely, as an artist should, and making connections, like a master of the text."

      —from the Introduction by Dave Hickey

This witty and remarkable collection of twelve essays detail the adventures of renowned artist and explorer Jeffrey Vallance, including his audiences with the King of Tonga, the President of Iceland, and Monsignor Sepe of the Vatican—all of whom have accepted Vallance's artworks into their Royal collections. The book narrates the history of Blinky, the Friendly Hen (purchased by the artist at a local supermarket); describes a feast with the High Chief of Samoa; points out unknown landmarks of the West San Fernando Valley; and recounts Vallance's search for Bigfoot, which led him from the Pacific Northwest to Mexico City's Guadalupe Plaza, where Vallance documented the appearance of Bigfoot in the eyes of the Virgin. Finally bringing together the secretive, teleological writings of an extraordinary artist, The World of Jeffrey Vallance has rapidly become a cult classic for thinking art aficionados.