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128 pages (includes seven color plates)
ISBN 0-9637264-7-1

$20.00 Postpaid

In ten often hilarious and deeply moving sermons, Reverend Ethan Acres binds together his lifelong concerns with religion, visual art, entertainment, and the human soul into a maelstrom of intellectual delight and insight. The Sermons of Reverend Ethan Acres is conceived as an updated pop version of a hand-held nineteenth-century bible or chapbook of sermons (or as Mao's little red book), with a glamorous white alligator skin cover, gold embossing, and a red ribbon. Highlights include a history of televangelism; a wedding clandestinely performed under the aesthetic glories of the Sistine Chapel; an Exorcism at the Santa Monica Museum of Art; a history of performance art; a pilgrimage to the Getty Museum; a letter to Jerry Falwell by the Teletubbie Tinky Winky; and more.

The Sermons of Reverend Ethan Acres concludes with a full-color section of seven specially commissioned art prints of the Reverend, alongside recipes by the Rev. Mrs. Throughout, the Right Reverend fights to defeat the Devil in all his evil forms and strives to put the "fun" back into Fundamentalism.

(Copies are also available through Smart Art Press
through a copublishing agreement.)